Links For In-Depth Medical Information

Here are a few medical links to useful websites that Dr. Singer particularly likes. Some of this information is traditional medical advice and some is alternative - both have their place in good medical care.

Remember that there is a lot of medical information on the internet and much of it is unreliable. When you encounter conflicting medical information the best way to sort it all out is to ask an expert in the field.

That's where Dr. Singer with over twenty years of medical experience can help you out. Be sure to call us for an appointment and we'll help you sort it all out and make sense of any problems that you are having. We're just a phone call away. Call Today!

» Centers for Disease Control -CDC

» American Medical Association -AMA

» American Osteopathic Association - AOA

» American Academy of Family Physicians - AAFP

» National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine - NCCAM

» American College for Advancement in Medicine - ACAM

» American Academy of Environmental Medicine - AAEM

» National Library of Medicine - NLM

» Immunization Action Coalition - IAC

» Colorado Board of Medical Examiners

» Spine Information

» National Institutes of Health - NIH

» Dr. Singer's Secure Website for secure email correspondance about personal medical matters, secure online email consultations and secure online payment on your account.

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Dr. Singer's goal is to provide you with the best and most effective medical care you have ever received. If you have a serious chronic condition, it may help you to know that it will take time to reverse a process that has developed over many years. There is no quick fix or magic bullet available for most chronic degenerative disorder. It takes a physician like Dr. Singer to apply good, scientific medical knowledge to help the healing process begin.

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