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I found Heather on a Dietitian search. I live in Saudi Arabia and I know of nutritionists but not of any local dietian. When I first contacted her she said her approach was Intuitive Eating. She explained it to me and I replied back that I didnt think that was for me. Although I had said this, she still was very helpful, and any questions I had she never hesitated to answer. I was concerned as I was breastfeeding and wanted to make sure I was getting enough food for my milk not to be affected. I have to be honest, although I didnt think intuitive eating was for me I think it is actually what I do. I would recommend Heather to those who want someone who sincerely cares about you.
-Umm Asma- Saudi Arabia
About Heather Rudalavage RD LDN
I am a licensed, registered dietitian who has been working in the nutrition field for the last 10 years. After graduating from The Pennsylvania State University with a BS in Nutrition, I completed a year long dietetic internship. Once I completed my internship, I began working as a clinical dietitian in acute care settings.
When my first child was born, I stopped working full time and started working a little closer to home, (OK, in the home is more like it). I now have 3 beautiful children, and I have been through the whole process of pregnancy, breastfeeding, feeding toddlers and children. I know how hard it is to manage a household with young children and not lose your self in the process!
I believe in a non-diet approach to wellness and weight loss. Diets don't work, and it is not because of will power! Diets take the pleasure away from eating. Diets increase cravings and actually slow your metabolism.
It is time to take the power away from all of those diets and return the power back to you! 
I offer a complimentary initial phone consultation, I feel this is the best way for you to know if I am someone you would like to work with. Forget what you think you know about dietitians, contact me today so you can begin your journey to a healthier YOU. For your free consultation, click here.
Registered Dietitians are Nutrition Experts! We have a minimum four year  degree in Nutrition, a year long internship, and are licensed in most states. Don't be fooled by imitations! 
I offer individual counseling for families, children, teens and adults. I am also available for lunch and learn workshops/lectures for your business or office. Come with a friend and share the cost!
Fort Washington, PA 19034
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We will work with you to find a plan to fit your budget!
Many clients choose a 1 hour session to start and 1/2 hour sessions after the first session. Many insurance plans will reimburse clients for these sessions.