Specializing in hands-on approaches to the treatment of chronic pain and other disorders.


My doctor referred me to Maury after having been diagnosed with a cervical bulging disc which caused neck and shoulder pain, including migraine headaches.   I had also been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.   After just a few sessions,  my headaches and neck pain decreased markedly, and within several months, my fibromyalgia symptoms began to subside.  Maury's vast knowledge of Myofascial Pain Syndrome and its treatment, combined with his training as a Physical Therapist, provided my body with all the essential elements to heal.    His professional guidance and approach has also helped me learn how to adapt these healing principals to my own everyday living.   He is truly one of the best in the field!
Laura Besecker
Devon, PA

My car was rear-ended just sitting at a light and I suffered a terrible whiplash causing unbelievable migraine pain and discomfort. I tried conventional PT with the electrical stim, massage, exercises, etc... only to find no relief after months of work. I discovered Maury and in a few short weeks was feeling fantastic, no more migraines. He is kind, compassionate and very gentle. If you are looking for something outside of traditional PT that really works Maury is a Rare Gem. 
Kevin E.
Wynnewood, PA

For five years I have found myofascial release therapy to be a profound healing modality at a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. I have had a complete healing from chronic, severe pain related to a traumatic neck injury 20 years ago. I have had deep healing from the ravages of chronic, persistent pain due to fibromyalgia. As a mental health professional with a holistic approach to wellness, I suggest myofascial pain release therapy to many of my clients, whether the source of their problems is in their past or their present.

Maury Malyn is the finest therapist you will find and, in my opinion, a gifted healer. He will educate you, care for you, and honor you as a unique individual. He will respect all boundaries with an impeccable level of professional integrity. Give yourself the gift of this opportunity for healing.
Linda Brackin, M.S.S., L.C.S.W.
Renewal Professional Counseling
Centreville, Delaware

I have had years of chiropractic and osteopathic manipulation, acupuncture and massage to treat the problems caused by two automobile accidents, numerous falls and fibromyalgia. Nothing has helped me as much as the myofascial release treatment I have received from Maury. My chronic neck and shoulder spasms are a thing of the past, and the pain running down my leg from an impeded nerve is gone. I am also far more flexible than before, and my posture is much improved. I wish I had discovered myofascial release years ago.
Ardmore, Pennsylvania

After years of suffering with chronic pain and battling health professionals who didnít have any idea how to help me, Myofascial Release facilitated my journey to meaningful healing. Maury has been a knowledgeable, gentle guiding force on that journey.
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

I want to thank you for making my one week intensive treatment a very rewarding experience. I felt very comfortable and relaxed working with you and I benefited greatly from the intensive. Myofascial release has helped me a lot on my healing journey. It was a pleasure working with you.
Downingtown, Pennsylvania