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The OAI Hood- Available for 1970, 1971 and 1972 Cutlass and 442

The ONLY GM Licensed and approved OAI Ram Air hood available.

Fiberglass hood bonded to steel frame with underside metal screen, just like the factory hoods.
Get an exact duplicate of the original '70-'72 W25 Ram Air Hood.

The fiberglass is produced in an RTM injection mold just like GM used.
It is the same weight, size and thickness of the original. Operates on original factory hood hinges and springs!

All hardware holes and details in factory locations.
Use standard trim, latches and hood pin assemblies. Need new latches? Thornton has 'em!

Avoid the problems with cracks and rust with used original hoods.
Forget the worries of fit, weight and quality issues with other repro hoods.
Need a great hood for your '69? See the information below the photos.

Call for Pricing and Availability

We also produce a steel frame for a '69 hood.
This frame accepts the pin to latch the hood down same as the steel '69 factory hoods.
The steel frame and the '70 top skin make a perfect combination for a factory style Ram Air hood for your '69.

Thornton Reproductions-
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