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Is our water safe to drink?
What Are We Doing Here? (.mpg) 3.9M

Mark The Time (Streaming Video .ram) or Download (.rm) 6.8M

Start Stopping (.mpg) 8.9M

Are We Having Fun Yet? (.mpg) 3.3M

Less Awful (.mpg) 9.7M

We Are With You (DVD/MPEG2) 5.8M

Chance Of Reign (Streaming Video .ram) or Download (.rm) 6.8M

Hooray For Hurrying To Help! (.mpg) 6.8M

Unusual Commonality (Streaming Video .ram) or Download (.rm) 7.1M

A Democratic Party (Streaming Video .ram) or Download (.rm) 6.8M

Can I Ask A Favor Of You? (Streaming Video .ram) or Download (.rm) 12.8M

Minimizing The Side Effects (Streaming Video .ram) or Download (.rm) 6.3M

How To Do Know Wrong (Streaming Video .ram) or Download (.rm) 6.2M

Hey! Are you interested in mimimizing the side effects of your good intentions? If so (and especially if not), click HERE to find out more about "Collateral Damage."

Is pollution OK?

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