Pilots n' Demos for Internet, TV, Radio and what not... er, a... what is!

pre n' quasi-post production notes

Click here for Radio Show Demo #1 in Ogg Vorbgis Format.
For more information on Ogg Vorbis please click here.

Internet, TV, Pilots & Screen Tests

  1. Effortless (MPEG1)
  2. Corporate Rule (Streaming Real Player Video) or Download (click with your right mouse button to download the Real Player File)
  3. Fauxlife or It Is Ours? (Streaming Real Player) or Download
    NOTE: What's a fauxlife? A fauxlife is a life that is fake. Which will you choose: to live a fake life or to make it our existence?
  4. This Birth (MPEG1)
  5. The Path / My Head (Think It, Say It, Do It) [Streaming Real Player Video] or Download
  6. Blooper (MPEG2)
  7. LeRoy Business Analysis (Streaming Real Player Video) or Download
  8. Poverty (Streaming Real Player Video)

sing it...

  1. Don't Diss Da Economy (MPEG1)
  2. Don't Say Nothin' (Full Streaming Music Video) or Download
  3. Keep It To Yourself (Used as the theme song for the above "shows")

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