What Are You Doing?

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"What Are You Doing?"

What am I doing?
I'm doing what I should,
I've done all I could,
At least I'll try,
Before I die.

Set-up the experiment,
Give it a try,
I've got to figure out why.
Contemplate discernment,
Give it a try,
Before my days all slip by.

No sense talking nonsense,
If that can even be done,
So... sorry, I've gotta run...
With common sense. Make sense?

You can struggle over dollars and cents,
You can pile excuses high as the sky,
But, where will you-ou-ou be when time's passed by?
Admiring the hue-ue-ue on the other side?
You built the fence,
And, I wonder why?
It makes no sense.

An enclosed circular path is not my style,
Not even for a short while,
Plus I've gained faith in my direction,
I can only offer it as a suggestion.

It's working well. It feels good.
Doing what I should,
Having done all I could,
At least giving it a try,
Before I die.

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