Never A Dark Day

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The sky is cast in a blanket of gray,
Will the sun have its way today?
Will a ray... break away...
And, make my day?

The clouds obscure the light,
But, can't stop its shear might,
Splinters of The Source,
Still bear an awesome force,
Her litters glitter,
To brighten the cloudiest day --
So, any rude attitude can sway.

Is there anything that can block Her light,
Besides the onset of night?
Even the moon has to swoon,
After a mere moment, penumbra --
The lunar shield... must yield... to Her awe,
And brighten the strangest day --
So, any rude attitude can sway.

No, there's never a dark day!

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"Signal that all lights will be extinguished and all noise shall cease."

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