Breakin' The Law

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Breakin' The Law (MP3)


Crazy days,
Wacky ways.

You are wrong.
You must be wrong,
As you've been proving all along.

Insured failure of an endeavor --
An attempt to be exempt,
From a rule of logic.

THE LAW you can not break,
It's enough to make one sick,
Maybe more than one can take?
For goodness' sake!

You are breakin' THE LAW,
Fallacy of accident,
Is that really what you meant?

Makin' it worse for all,
Hasty generalization,
False allegation,
How about our true nation,
Our globalization,
And, the position of our human condition?

The-alien-nation's definition =
The Sun's wayward son.

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"Signal that all lights will be extinguished and all noise shall cease."

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