Wicked Sense Of Humor

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Wicked Sense Of Humor (MP3)


What makes you think,
She doesn't have a wicked sense of humor,
Wickedly innocent,
Severely magnificent.

It's so sad,
You make her laugh,
She wants to cry,
Argh! Oh so ironic,
We're so, so sardonic,
I'm so mad,
Suppose that's tough?
I could just die.

But, at least She's got a wicked sense of humor,
To help me through my terminal tumor,
Ahhh... Her light hearted murmur,
Like getting to kiss her,
When I hear Her whisper,
And, I feel better for a while,
When she makes me smile.
Can you make me chuckle,
With your comical cackle?

It just makes me think,
I'm God blessed with Her a wicked sense of humor,
Wickedly innocent,
Severely magnificent --
Wicked sense of humor,
Amused by Humen.

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