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Most see Her thinly veiled,
If they haven't failed,
To see Her at all.

But, I see Her laid bare,
A radiant glow and skin so fair,
And, I listen to hear Her call.

Naked. Nude.
Nothing lewd,
Just a heavenly attitude.
Naked. Nude.
Nothing crude,
Just a cherubic mood.
Naked. Nude.
Nothing rude,
Just down-home soul food.

About This Song

peter responded:
Nice poem.

rick replied:

peter asked:
Is this one about anyone in particular?

i reply:
heeehe... sure... Her... god almighty.

rick replied:
double sweeeeeet!! the image of my God being sexual...I think I like it. It's the only explanation for why I have a sense of humor.

i reply:
heeehe... funny you should mention sense of humor... r,r,r,r,r

but, ahhh yes... imagine heaven if you can... or better yet try to live it on earth

either way... what is heaven? making love with god?

will that be an old man with gray hair and a big 'ole beard... or?

sorry... i'm getting ahead of myself

since i ain't told this story in a while... let me try n' put some perspective on it

over the past few years, i've had several "insights" or some might call them visions. they did not necessarily come in "order"... but i'll try to put them in a chronological sorta way... so that it might make sense (of humor):

sooo... ok... you want to go to heaven... and now you know... the prize is well worth it (... laid bare, a radiant glow... skin so fair)

but what about your judgment day? how will you pass through the gates of heaven? (or the gates of hell... depending on how you're looking at it.)

i tried to cut a deal with Her... about my judgment day... and that if i can make Her laugh... i'm IN.

(giving me a new sense of sense of humor)

sooo... i thought... ok... easy enough, right?

well, i've tried envisioning what this will be like... i arrive at the gates... and i'm met by the guard dogs. they come to greet me. this brings up an important point about universal languages... did you ever see how dogs greet each other? will you be prepared to have your's sniffed?

this experience puts me a little on edge... and i start to get stage fright

that's when She says, "You're on. Make me laugh."

humana humana

all i can do is panic

nothing i can think of is very funny


so, i piss myself... and instantly go from feeling humiliated... to thinking... "great! She'll have to think this is the funniest thing she's ever seen."

of course, She hears me thinking about Her... and says, "Sorry. But, I've seen that one a million times."

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