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Sorry, Mom (MP3)


Yes, you are right,
The world will keep turning 'round,
But, I'm just trying to shed some light,
On where humans are bound.

Man is not mightier than his Mother,
Mother Nature will prevail,
Still... I'll have to bother,
With a crescendo of a wail,
I don't want Man to fail!
Why do we wanna murder Mom,
Don't we know there isn't that long,
And, the maternal instinct is oh so strong.
Cause we ain't Her only kid,
Yet, look at the mess we did... the mess we made...
Too dumb to be afraid?
If we insist on destroying the family,
Don't ya think She'll sacrifice me?
There'll be no where to run,
No where to flee,
Please pardon the pun,
But, God save me!

(Heehe... how silly... to plea...
To the one I've overthrown,
After claiming Her's as my own.)

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