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Look Out For Number One (MP3)


At the mercy of your whim,
I sure feel like I am,
Which ever way the wind blows,
Will you let me know?

It is you that determines my fate,
It is you that undermines our rate,
It is you that impacts me,
With all your excessive debris.

What you choose to do,
Will it help more than you,
When you choose passivity,
Will it hurt humanity?

Please think before you act,
Please think before you speak,
Please try to grasp the fact,
And, consider the mild and meek.

Though taking care of number 1,
Might seem like a lot of fun,
Remember that all the rest,
Are needed to make you the best.

Just looking out for number 1,
Will surely make you come undone,
Looking out for number 1,
Means you've never won.

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