Silent Scream

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My mouth is open,
Screaming again and again.
Can you hear (here) me,
Screaming HELP ME!

My eyes are open,
Seeing again and again,
What man does here,
Spreading terror... fear.

I scream for help,
A wailing yelp,
Please come clean,
Can you hear my scream?

My mind is open,
Thinking again and again,
Why do we trash us?
I'm clueless... helpless.

Caught in a nightmare,
Doesn't seem fair,
A silent scream,
Is way to mean.
Please let them hear,
All about my fear,
Maybe they'll lend a hand,
If they could understand.
Time is passing us by,
Someday all will die,
So until my time,
I want to feel fine,
Want all to hear my plea,

We've got to save this place,
Less we shame our race,
Damn it! It's our planet.
Earth gave you birth,
Without it...
We've had it.

Remove me from this vocal vacuum,
So, I can stop screaming again and again.
To be cursed with a silent scream is way to mean.
After having been told... then, watching our fate unfold,
Watching it all unravel... if only my voice could travel.

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