Dreamer's Dream

Dreamer’s Dream .MP3

by Listening Deficit

Everything you’ve imagined will be there
No, no matter
No matter what I might of thought
No matter what we may have thought
This is what we’ve wrought
And, now it’s possible
It’s possible for all your dreams to come true
Like it or not
Yes, everything you’ve imagined that was good
Everything you’ve imagined
All your dreams can come true
Your dreams can come true

If all the beings had all the dreams
And, they brought them together in a beautiful fashion
Just image the dreams of the dreams
And, they compounded
You add them up
And, multiply

The smallest child
They can dream
Enlist the dreams of the dreamers
And, we build upon the dream
Build upon a dream
All our dreams can come true

We multiply the I
Let’s dream a dream together
If we really want to
We can make the dream come true

The music and lyrics are performed in a freestyle fashion. The extemporaneous words help exhibit what the song is about. Imagine if I had a dream… and the dream was about helping to make your dream come true… and your dream was about helping someone else’s dream come true… and so on… until it came full circle back to someone wanting to help make my dream come true. What else would a dreamer dream about?

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