(The Fear To Hear)

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Just A Speck

Is there too much static in the air?
Is there no one else aware there?
How much more can they bare?
Why on Earth won't they share...

a moment to listen
making all hearts glisten


An alien in this place,
I come from outer space,
Can not figure this race,
Worthless ears on a face.

Chorus: Listening deficit,
Refusing to get it,
Oh, dear the fear to hear,
Has brought the end quite near.

For any who choose to,
Here is some hear for you,
There is nothing to fear,
But, if you do...

Think of how I must feel,
Whether ya' believe it's real,
Always the one to deal,
Close my lips with a seal.

I've found a vent...
And, I'm ready to blow some steam,
We will form a new team...
Understand what I mean?

There is no trick to it,
Just shut your mouth a bit,
Why not make it habit,
To have your jawbone quit.

You've got the push part down,
But, it never comes around,
Out again and again,
Will you let something in?

An alien in this place,
I come from outer space,
Can not figure this race...

Refuse to take notice?

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