Whose Baby (Is Earth?)

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Whose Baby (Is Earth?) (MP3)


I wonder whose baby this is,
The face of a dog,
The heart of a pig,
And, an appetite... way too big.

I wonder whose baby this is,
Acts like a hog,
Stubborn as a mule,
Makes everyone... look like a (gosh darn) fool.

I wonder whose baby this is,
Lazy as a log,
Such a dirty face,
Making a shame out of our place.

Yeah, I wonder whose baby this is,
Seems no one wants to take this quiz,
They tell me, "Hey! Mind your own biz."
The problem is... it is.

Yes. Our baby it is.
Like mother, like daughter,
Like father, like son,
Indeed, it is our generation's generation.
It is our generation's creation.

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