Make The Best Of The Day

Click here for: Make The Best Of The Day (Ogg Vorbis Trance Dance Music) 10:44 minutes

I'm here to do what ever it takes.
Yes, I'm here to help make...
The best of this day.

Now, can we be on our way?

So, if I may,
If I might,
I'd like to say,
Let's get outta sight.

So, if I can withstand the attack,
You can rest assured I'll be back.

If I could only awake from this daze...
Instead of the moment... for days
Perhaps I could amaze?

So consumed with myself,
How will I survive?
How will I ever gain wealth?

I've gotta make an effort to get by,
I never to really question why,
I've gotta make it my job to survive,
At least that's why I think I'm alive.

Can't say that I agree with that (your sole) opinion.
I suggest it's more like the layers of an onion.
Let's investigate more... still...
You become wonderful.

Anything that I can do,
That's considered of service,
Well, that's my business,
(Please) step into my office.
And, now let's discuss.

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