Free & Clear

Click here for: I Like Being People (Ogg Vorbis Dance Music) 4:31 minutes

Click here for: Free & Clear (Ogg Vorbis Dance Music) 14:48 minutes

I sure do enjoy being part of "People."

The smell... oooo... it's a sense, that's so swell.

When it comes to sound,
Well, it just seems... there's never enough around.

Around this town,
Get down.

I say, when it comes to sound... sure seems there's never enough to go around.

Ahhhh... the taste,
I'd sure hate for it to ever go to waste.

The sight... the shear beauty... of being able to see.
Well, it sure helps me to be... helps me to be me.

Touch! It's almost too much.

I sure do enjoy being part of "People."

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