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Christmas Punch

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Should we make a Christmas punch,
What should the ingredients be?
Say it... if you know?

Wait... I think I've got a hunch...
A healthy heaping portion of you,
Add a pinch of me.

Now, there is a mixer called we!
And, reason to celebrate with glea.
A blessed creation called we.

We need more of this Christmas punch,
For it seems to be... at least to me...
That more of you... will do.
Giving this punch such a punch.
Helping to cater on bent knee,
It's easier for me to see,
That by giving more to you,
Well, it's the least I can do,
And, that my cup will overflow... too.
And, that our hearts will surely know... too.
And, that our souls will really glow... too.
And, that our love will forever grow... too.

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