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Can you imagine a time...
Before the Internet,
If you can't remember,
How can you forget?

Can you imagine a time,
Before television,
Without any options,
Can there be decision?

Can you imagine a time,
Before newspapers... telephone... even telegraph?
What means of communication would you have...
To spread The Good News?
To offer up some clues...
Giving options... so the people could choose?

How would you spread The Word,
The task at hand would seem absurd?
Yet, we've all heard...
The word of the Lord.

Though no electric,
Nor any copper lines,
We've just come to expect it?
His love shines and shines.

Shines brighter than any TV screen,
Do you know what I mean?
Rings louder than any telephone,
Taking us to our promised home.

Can you imagine a time,
Other than "mine"
Can you imagine a time,
Other then "mine"

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