Love's Spilt

What did I happen upon,
What did I happen to find,
Well, as it so should happen,
A child... born to be kind.

With a beaming smile,
And, a twinkling eye,
Truly a miracle.

Through tribulation and trial,
As time passes by... and by,
The spirit will be there... still.

Filled with goodwill,
Possessing no feeling of ill,
Overflowing... love does spill,
Pouring from every pore,
Pouring and pouring... and pouring some more,
Did you get your fill?
Maybe you'll take it in... until....
Then, you will,
Spill over with goodwill.

Posses no ill... nil,
Let the love spill,
Please, pour some more,
There's no guilt,
When love's spilt.

Feel what I did find,
A child born to be kind,
Change your point-of-view,
I'm sure...
It's still inside you.

Love's Spilt (MP3)

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