In the year double naught,
Let me see...
I believe it was right before B.C.,
It would appear God,
Was unable to conceive.

Holy Camoli!
No Anno Domini,
How could that be?

Then, She...
Had some fun,
Giving birth,
To a son --
A sun,
For anyone.

She couldn't guess,
How horrid,
I'm sure She didn't,
Want to endure,
I mean... She couldn't,
Enjoy watching,
The beating,
The whipping,
The torture,
Human flesh,
As pegboard.

'till this day,
It must sadden,
To remember the way,
His peers failed him,
And, it turns sad to gloom,
As people continue,
And, it turns sad to gloom --
The modern point-of-view.

A.D. -- Abbreviation for the Latin phrase "Anno Domini," which means "in the year of our Lord." Used to refer to dates starting with the year 1.
B.C. -- date used in reckoning dates before the supposed year Christ was born

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