Call Me An April Fool For Christmas
(About The Holidays / Music Video)

I sure hope,
Christmas Day,
Comes my way,
It doesn't have to wait,
Until a certain date,
I'm up for it going down,
Right now,
Will you come 'round?

Hey, hey, hey,
You can ho, ho, ho,
Like it's Christmas Day,
You can hey, hey, hey,
Ya know... ho, ho, ho.

'Cause it makes me feel good,
So, I wish you would,
Bring some Yule,
To this holiday fool,
But, why wait,
For a date,
When we can find the time,
To spread some cheer,
With carol and rhyme,
Hold everyone dear!

Keep December twenty-five alive,
All year through,
Keep December twenty-five alive,
It's the least we can do.

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