A Fine Time

A Fine Time(MP3)

   People pushin',
   People shovin',
   Must have run out,
   Of their lovin'.

Bags, boxes, ribbons and bows,
What's the purpose?
... I'm at a loss,
Nobody knows,
Stuck in a pile,
Under a tree,
... but... you forgot to smile,
Thinking of me.


Shop, shop until you drop,
Stick it on the charge,
Never a moment to stop,
To get a glimpse,
Of the large,
Instead, mankind limps,
With petty self-pity,
Making the big picture look...
Pretty sh*%#.


Hey!  It's our book,
Let's write a better ending,
Spare the hook,
The curtain shouldn't be dropping,
Search every cranny,
Search every nook,
'cause this insanity,
Could be the end of me.


What present do I want?
Why not pile on the smile?
What present do I need?
Peace and harmony for a while,
Let our hearts feed,
And, this season,
If there's a reason,
That we can't,
I'll concede,
But, in the meantime,
I need...
To turn time fine --

NOW!  ...is a fine time.

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