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Click the button below to experience a small sample of what a hypnosis session is like. Remember, you may not "feel" hypnotized, but that is because you are probably expecting something unusual. Hypnosis is merely a state of deep physical relaxation, and heightened mental alertness.

Anyone who is willing to be hypnotized, can be hypnotized. So just follow the instructions, and enjoy. Also, realize, that when working with a hypnotist, the level of physical relaxation and level of personal change is about 100 times more powerful than this short little sample.

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Virtually all of our clients stop smoking after the first session. Learn exactly how hypnosis to stop smoking works.

Our weight loss program is the second most popular program. Read how weight loss hypnosis works.

We offer a FREE no-obligation telephone consultation where we are happy to answer any questions you have about hypnosis or our services. To receive your free consultation, click here.

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