Does Hypnosis Work? Read Our Clients' Testimonials, and Decide For Yourself

Does hypnosis work? It's a common question for many people who aren't quite sure if hypnosis is the real deal. Or they might have reservations that it will work for them.

The real answer to the question does hypnosis work, is that anyone who is willing to be hypnotized, when hypnotized by an accomplished hypnotist, will achieve their desired results.

Hypnosis is really about the rapport of the client and the hypnotist creating the change in the client. If the client is willing to be hypnotized, and expects great changes, the stronger that expectation, the stronger the change that will take place.

Does Hypnosis Work? Here are a few formal research studies on hypnosis and weight loss.

Bolocofsky, David N.; Spinler, Dwayne; Coulthard-Morris, Linda (1985).

Effectiveness of hypnosis as an adjunct to behavioral weight management.

Journal of Clinical Psychology, 41 (1), 35-41

109 17-67 year olds completed a behavioral treatment for weight management either with or without the addition of hypnosis. Results show that, at the end of the 9-week program, both interventions resulted in significant weight reduction. However, at 8-month and 2-year follow-ups, the hypnosis subjects showed significant additional weight loss, while those in the behavioral-treatment-only group exhibited little further change. More subjects who used hypnosis also achieved and maintained their personal weight goals.


Does Hypnosis Work? Here is an excerpt from a psychology journal affirming its effectiveness

Cochrane, Gordon; Friesen, J., (1986) Hypnotherapy in weight loss treatment

Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. Volume: 54 489-492

Investigated the effects of hypnosis in weight loss for 60 females, at least 20% overweight and not involved in other treatment....hypnosis was more effective than a control group (17 vs. .5 pounds on follow-up).


Does Hypnosis Work? Another study affirming, YES!

Kirsch, Irving (1996).

Hypnotic enhancement of cognitive-behavioral weight loss treatments--Another meta-reanalysis.

Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 64 (3), 517-519.

Averaged across post treatment and follow-up assessment periods, the mean weight loss was 6.00 lbs. (2.72 kg) without hypnosis and 11.83 lbs. (5.37 kg) with hypnosis....At the last assessment period, the mean weight loss was 6.03 lbs. (2.74 kg) without hypnosis and 14.88 lbs. (6.75 kg) with hypnosis... Correlational analyses indicated that the benefits of hypnosis increased substantially over time


Read some unsolicited testimonials from our satisfied clients who know that hypnosis does work!

Smoking Cessation


I wanted to write this testimonial to tell my story so that others would benefit from your unique gifts. I had been a smoker for over fifteen years, and was starting to notice a decline in my health as a result of it, coughing up mucus, feeling horrible after a night out at the bars and smoking like a chimney, etc.

I was skeptical at first when you said that most of your clients quit smoking after just the first session, but I knew that I hated the fact that my life had come to a point where cigarettes controlled me, rather than the other way around.

I decided to give your smoking cessation program a shot, since I had tried everything else, patches, gum, etc. And I have to say, WOW! I left your office that day starting my life as a non-smoker, and I now know that I am in control of my life. What an amazing feeling. I cannot tell you what this means to my sense of self, and to those whom I love, and who love me. Thank you so, so much!

Julie Bolton

Weight Loss


I just wanted to write you a quick note, thanking you for the work we did in the session the other day. At first, I wasn't sure if it was going to work for me, but this last week after the first session, my cravings for soda and chocolate were gone. And it was so easy. I lost seven pounds this week, and I can't wait for the next session, since you said it gets better with each one.

Thank You,

Joan C. Vrbas


Wow! I tried losing weight with everything out there, Atkins, Weight Watchers, heavy exercise, and didn't lose anything. Two years I've been struggling to lose more than 2-3 pounds.

After the first session we did, I lost five pounds within that week. I've now lost close to 13 pounds in two and a half weeks, and I still can't believe how simple it was. Just the other day, I came home from the grocery store, and noticed that my bags were full of healthy foods, and I wasn't even aware of it until after the fact! It's like something clicked that makes it automatic that I want to eat right and exercise.

I can't tell you how much you've helped me not only with how much I weigh, but how I feel about myself as a result. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Gayle Adams
Denver, CO

Self Confidence


At first, I wasn't sure if hypnosis was going to work for me. I had seen the stage hypnosis shows, and even though I knew I wasn't going to be "clucking like a chicken", I still had some fears and reservations about it.

I guess I was afraid of losing control or "drifting away," and not knowing where I was or what I doing. I appreciated the fact that you explained what hypnosis actually was, as it put a lot of my fears to rest.

As for the session itself, I was completely blown away. I still have a hard time explaining it to people what it was like, almost like a deep state of relaxation, but with something different.

The work we did with the imagery was really something. During it, I could feel my anger from my past letting go, and I was filled with a new sense of confidence that I hadn't felt for a long, long time.

Each session we did after that one seemed to increase the benefits exponentially. At work, I'm more confident, more self-assured, and basically more assertive in communicating what I need and expect.

I'd like to thank you again for the newly found certainty I have found in myself, and best wishes on your continued success.

Fred Drake
Denver, CO

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