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Wolmanized L3 Outdoor® Wood

Wolmanized® Preserved Wood

It's real wood, with natural beauty and a trusted name.

The Wolmanized® brand of pressure-treated wood has existed for many decades, always representing the best in wood preservation technology. The treatment enhances the many outstanding features of wood by enabling lumber to resist damage from termites and fungal decay in decks, docks, and backyard projects.

Presently there are two types of Wolmanized® wood for residential use. Both are backed by lifetime limited warranties (see complete warranty document for details), and each is available in various lumber grades.

Genuine Wolmanized® Residential Outdoor® Wood is protected by copper azole preservative, and is treated for above-ground and ground-contact use. The variety with built-in water repellent has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal.

Wolmanized® L3 Outdoor® Wood incorporates a metal-free preservative. This wood is suited for out-of-ground uses only. It contains built-in water repellent, and is listed in the GreenSpec® directory of environmentally preferable products.

Wolmanized® wood is made by licensed producers throughout North America, and is sold through numerous home centers and lumber yards. Standing behind it are the related companies which developed the treatments - Arch Wood Protection, Inc., and Arch Treatment Technologies, Inc., both subsidiaries of a respected international biocides producer, Arch Chemicals, Inc.

These products are endorsed by Dean Johnson, host of TV's long-running home improvement show, Hometime.

In addition to its longevity in exposed applications, and in addition to wood's construction convenience, aesthetic value, and often lower cost, Wolmanized® products have the environmental advantages associated with wood itself. The source is a renewable resource using plentiful, rapidly replenished species grown on managed timberlands and requiring less energy to produce than alternative building materials. Growing forests absorb carbon dioxide, thus reducing greenhouse gases. Wood offers greater insulation (thermal, electrical, and acoustic) than alternatives, and, because of its lighter weight, wood can often be installed with lighter equipment which has less environmental impact.

Ask your deck builder to use genuine Wolmanized® Outdoor® Wood!

Deck with Shade Arbor
Deck and Arbor built with Wolmanized® Outdoor® Wood

Spa Deck
Multi-Level Deck built with Wolmanized® Outdoor® Wood

Wolmanized L3 Deck with Painted Handrail
Deck built with Wolmanized® L3 Outdoor® Wood

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