Locally Grown, Food Grade Canola Fryer Oil from Pennsylvania
Cold-Pressed, Mechanically Expelled, No Chemical Additives

Five (5) Gallon Totes

Health Benefits of Canola Oil
From Wikipedia
Canola oil has been claimed to promote good health due to its very low saturated fat and high monounsaturated fat content, and beneficial omega-3 fatty acid profile. The Canola Council of Canada states that it is completely safe and is the "healthiest" of all commonly used cooking oils. It has well established heart health benefits and is recognized by many health professional organizations including the American Dietetics Association, and American Heart Association, among others. Canola oil has been authorized a qualified health claim from the US Food and Drug Administration based on its ability to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease due to its unsaturated fat content. Read More about Canola

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The waste vegetable oil (WVO) is recycled into biodiesel to run the farm equipment that grows the oil seeds, reducing fossil fuel use.

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